I’m Trying to Be Like. . .

by | Apr. 13, 2010

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Maybe this is Mormon folklore, but I have it from a source, only once removed. So from me to you it’s twice removed. Pretty reliable, right?

Pertinent background info: A member of the church has a friend at work. They talk a lot, the member shares information about the church. They have good conversations, the friend knows more about Mormons as a result of the relationship.

Story: The friend is traveling internationally and meets a nice older gentleman. They strike up a conversation and she finds out the gentleman is also a member of the church. She tells him about her co-worker. They talk and have a friendly conversation. As their meeting is coming to a close he asks her to tell her friend hello. Puzzled, she asks, “Will she know you?” He answers, “Yes, she probably will. Tell her Tommy Monson says hello.”

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