In Her Own Words: Muriel Olive Mason Cuthbert, 1958

1950 was a memorable year for my husband and me, for then our second daughter was born, my husband graduated from Nottingham University and started on a career and we had just moved into our first home of our own. The previous year two American second cousins of mine had visited England; they were Mormons and we learned that one had a son on a mission in England. We said that if he could come and explain his religion to us, we would be interested to hear what it was all about, but that we would never consider changing from the Church of England.

I was disappointed when it was not possible for my cousin to visit us, but one day I got really excited to see three obviously American young men walking round our new estate. About a week later they called on me – and I do not believe any missionaries any time could have had such a reception. They had hardly managed to say, “We are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of …” when I enquired “Mormons?” When they said they were, I flung open the door and invited them in, babbling about my cousin and asking if he was one of them.

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