In Her Own Words: Sarah E. Tollerton Buck Rand, 1939

In order to make it perfectly clear how far the Lord has taken me on my road to happiness, let me describe myself before He placed His hand on my shoulder and said, “You’re wrong.”

In the first place I had been taught nothing of a religious nature. God was not mentioned in our home and Christ very seldom. I was taught to live the good life: that we must be good because it is right. How lacking in strength and resistance that doctrine is I have found to my cost. Without Christ by our side we can’t really live the good life.

At last, after living a selfish, self-centered life, I came to the end of my active career. Ill and without any outlook I felt it would be perfectly fair to the world to utterly destroy myself. I became obsessed with the idea. Death ends all! Why wait?

I was in just such an attitude of mind one Sunday morning when a friend came in silently and tuned the radio to “The Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir and Organ,” station KSL.

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