In Memory of Karl-Heinz Schnibbe

I was saddened when I read of the recent passing of Karl-Heinz Schnibbe.

Karl-Heinz Schnibbe was the last surviving member of the Helmuth Hübener group, a trio of Latter-day Saint teenagers from Hamburg, Germany who, during World War II, organized an anti-Hitler resistance group. Karl-Heinz, Helmuth and Ruddi Wobbe produced and distributed leaflets throughout Hamburg denouncing the corruption of the Nazi regime. In early 1942 the three were arrested and that August the group went on trial before the notorious Volksgerichtshof (People’s Court) in Berlin. Karl-Heinz received a five-year sentence, Ruddi a ten-year sentence. Helmuth Hübener, the ringleader of the resistance movement, was sentenced to death. His execution—by beheading—was carried out at the infamous Plötzensee prison in Berlin in October, 1942.

Karl-Heinz and Ruddi spent most of the remainder of the war in a labor camp.

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