Increasing Member Retention, Part 2 The Evangelical Way

In the spirit of the 13th Article of Faith, I would like to spend some time looking at retention strategies in the Evangelical church, and especially those of Nelson Searcy as outlined in “Fusion: Turning First-Time Gests into Fully-Engaged Members of Your Church”

Nelson Searcy is an evangelical Minister and founder of the Journey Church, which has grown from 1 to 1000 members from 2002 to 2007. Nelson is a prolific writer in the evangelical mega church planting movement, and prior to starting the Journey, worked with Rick Warren on the purpose driven stuff.

Compared to some other books rotating around retention from the Evangelical group, I found Nelson’s book much more up front and realistic. Also, I liked that Searcy quoted Stephen Covey in a good way (compare this with “Sticky Church” , another evangelical book on retention, which only mentions Mormons as part of it’s nebulous list of enemies). Regardless of those points though, the question is, does Searcy’s program he outlines in fusion have any meat to it, and further, can the LDS church use it at all? The answer to the first question is yes, and the answer to the second, is maybe.

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