Inside the MTC: it takes a village to run what amounts to a small city

The Provo MTC is a little city of its own, considering the average of 2,000 missionaries who live there, and the nearly 150 full-time staffers, as many as 1,200 part-time employees and some 1,500 volunteers who provide support services.

MTC administrators say upwards of 3,000 people can be onsite at any one time — and that's with the MTC running at half its capacity.

The campus is as self-contained as possible — besides residences and classrooms, the Provo MTC includes a gymnasium/auditorium, a massive kitchen and cafeteria, a health clinic, a bookstore, a laundry, a travel department, a barbershop and so on.

"That's by design — we want the missionaries to have everything they need right here so they don't have to go off-campus," said Spencer K. Christensen, Provo MTC manager of human resources and support services.

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