Intelligent design and the new atheism: Evolution has limits

According to Michael Behe, there are limits to what evolution can explain.

Behe spoke on Friday, Oct. 16, at BYU during the Wheatley Institution's "Symposium on Responding to the New Atheism." He quoted a statement signed by 39 Nobel award recipients that says Darwinian evolution was the "unguided, unplanned process of random variation and natural selection."

For Behe, however, evolution via random and gradual mutations can't explain some very complex biological systems or "machines." Biology shows signs of an intelligent designer.

"You deduce design from the physical structure of a system," said Behe, a Catholic and a Lehigh University professor of biochemistry.

A simple example of deducing design, Behe said, would be the difference between looking at an ordinary mountain and looking at Mount Rushmore. One appears to be random; the other shows unmistakable signs of design. "It's not mystical. It's an everyday deduction."

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