International hymnbooks unify saints around the world

Victoria Bol Cucul sits in a building in Senahú, Guatemala, her eyes reverently focused on the choir at the front as she listens to the official LDS version of “A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief” in her native language of Kekchi (pronounced kek-chee) for the first time ever.

“The music was so beautiful, and as I watched these people from another country singing, I knew that we are not alone in the faith,” she said. “I asked myself how they knew how to sing in Kekchi, considering that it is not easy to do, and I knew that it was because of God’s great love that they were able to do it.”

The choir members—numbering about 30—came from the United States at the invitation of Michael Peck, a member of the Church’s Translation Department who spent the last three years making the Kekchi Hymns (Eb’ Li B’ich) a reality.

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