Internet addiction harming marriage

by | Jul. 20, 2011

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SALT LAKE CITY — At first Ashley Yates just thought her husband of three weeks was excited about a new video game. Six hours a day in front of the computer, completely oblivious to the outside world as the flashing lights of simulated battle washed over his face, was excessive, perhaps, but he'd get bored of World of Warcraft soon enough. With each new argument, though, he sunk deeper and deeper into the game. Six hours stretched to 12, stretched to 36.

Mental health professionals report too much computer time is becoming a common thread in marriage and family counseling sessions. To address the issue, the past decade has seen the birth of a quickly growing industry, ranging from software to regulate the use of sites like Facebook and Twitter to full-blown residential treatment programs.

"Nothing mattered but the computer," said Yates, who asked not to be identified by her real name. "All he cared about was the game."

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