Is Online Dating an LDS Alternative?

The dating scene has changed since I was in college. Even at BYU. When I was there, dating was everything. Now maybe that was was just me, heh heh, but if I couldn’t score at least three dates a week it was a slow, sad situation.

These days, no one dates. They “hang out.” Which means, in a nutshell, that a bunch of guys and a bunch of gals — completely unrelated and unpaired and very possible with great discrepancies in gender numbers — move within generally the same vicinity and do whatever pops into their heads for as long as they feel like it.

It’s gotten so bad that general authorities have given BYU devotional/fireside speeches, explaining to the student body what dating is and why they should join in. Is response, a number of years ago I made some pro-dating t-shirts to do my part in encouraging LDS dating. Seriously, guys, step up to the plate!

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