Is Struggling Through a Long Sunday at Church Worth It?

But try as I might, going to three hours of church plus the two hours of round-trip travel (at least) and another hour or so for Lance's morning meetings destroys naps and meals and makes the children miserable for at least that day if not more. It takes me anywhere from one to three days to get my children back on track.

Besides that, I spend much of church in the mother's room, in the hallway, kitchen, or in the nursery with Gideon (who decided he didn't like nursery though he'd been going peacefully for months before he was "old enough" the moment he turned 18 months — the official starting age for nursery).

So is it worth it? Wouldn't I be better off if I just didn't go and spent the day peacefully at home, reading my scriptures and listening to general conference talks?

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