Is it a sin to watch the game Sunday?

Utah's "faithful" -- those devoted to both their religion and the state's premier pro sports team -- face a dilemma this Sunday: Will it be the Jazz or Jesus?

Or can they do both? After all, game 4 of the Jazz-Nuggets playoff series isn't scheduled to tip off until evening, allowing them to hit their weekly worship service earlier in the day and still get to EnergySolutions Arena or their television in time for Deron Williams' first assist or Carlos Boozer's first dunk.

So, is it wrong to pray and play on the Lord's day?

...The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has no official list of Sunday dos and don'ts but points to quasi-official statements in its For the Strength of Youth pamphlet:

"Sunday is not a holiday or a day for recreation or athletic events. Do not seek entertainment or spend money on this day," the pamphlet advises young Mormons. "Whenever possible, choose a job that does not require you to work on Sundays."

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