It's Definitely a Mormon Marriage Proposal If . . .

Sometimes there are dead giveaways that someone is a Mormon, and marriage proposals are no different. We scoured the internet world of marriage-proposal videos and found these dead giveaways.

It's definitely a Mormon marriage proposal if . . .

He Popped the Question in Front of Her Seminary Class

Jamie was a seminary teacher at Westlake High School in Saratoga Springs, Utah, when a couple of her supervisors invited her into their office to talk about some "upcoming changes." When she returned to her classroom, her boyfriend popped out from behind her desk and announced that he was going to be teaching the class that day. He then proceeded to ask the students to read various scriptures about love, such as, "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out all fear" (John 4:18). He talked about why he loves Jamie and about how much she means to him between each one. At the end of the "lesson," he knelt down and asked her to marry him. 

He Gave Her Scriptures Engraved with Her New Name

One spring day, Nate Clark and McCall Jensen headed off to a date night at the Tulip Festival. The day before Nate had told his girlfriend that he had a present for her. Knowing she might suspect, he told her not to worry. It wasn't a ring, he said. It was a book. McCall even held the package for a moment and could attest to its weight. 

Not long after, the two paused in their stroll through the gardens and Nate gave her the present. She opened it up to find a new set of scriptures. But when she looked at the name engraved on the top she realized it read "McCall Clark," not "McCall Jensen." That's when Nate knelt down, pulled the ring from his sock, and popped the question. 

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He Asked Her in the Conference Center

Ryan Flake and Carie Conline were watching the cool lighting changes of the organ pipes during a tour of the Conference Center in Salt Lake City when suddenly a spotlight appeared on Carie and little parachutes floated down from the ceiling. Carie questioned their appearance, and the tour guide played along, saying that this happened once during a Christmas concert. He kept her distracted long enough that she didn't see Ryan fiddling with another parachute that had landed nearby. In a moment Ryan picked Carie up, twirled her, and then got to one knee. Carie never saw it coming, especially since the two weren't technically boyfriend and girlfriend. 

He Almost Lost the Ring in the Mormon Battalion Trough

Trevor probably thought he'd struck gold when he came up with his marriage proposal plan. He would take his sweetheart April to the Mormon Battalion Historic site, where they had a trough for panning gold. As they sifted through the water with their sieves . . . whala! She would pull out not just a few treasure flakes, but an entire diamond ring. 

When it came to the actual proposal, however, they'd been panning for a long time with no luck. As time wore on without any sight of the ring, Trevor started to panic. "Keep looking," he urged. April, clueless to what was going on, thought that Trevor must really like panning for gold. 

Finally, a family member found the ring, and April stared in shock. A little boy panning nearby got pretty excited. "They found a wing!" he cried. 

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