It's Definitely a Mormon Marriage Proposal If . . .

He Staged It During the Ward Talent Show

This woman simply thought she and her boyfriend were participating in a magic card trick at the ward talent show. The magician showed the audience their cards, blindfolded the couple, and said the magic words. When the woman took off the blindfold, however, she was surprised to find her boyfriend kneeling before her with a glittering diamond. The audience laughed and cheered loudly—it was clearly the best act of the evening. 

He Drove 12 Hours to Propose at BYU-I

No surprise, there are loads of marriage proposals that take place on BYU campuses. But driving 12 hours to a BYU campus for the magical event? That's a dead give away. Teagan did it in an effort to surprise his girlfriend Natalie who lived there, and he definitely succeeded in catching her off-guard. Maybe a little too off guard. It's all rated G, but she had to shoo him from the room so that she could actually get dressed before he popped the question. 

They Got Engaged in Front of an LDS Temple

And the biggest give away? Getting engaged in front of an LDS temple, of course. And although this may be the norm for many Mormon couples, it was especially meaningful to Kenzie and Scott. Early on in their courtship, Kenzie invited Scott to walk around temple square in Salt Lake City with her and her family. As they walked past the temple, Kenzie said, "I'm going there someday." Scott responded by saying, "I'm not." His reply caught Kenzie off guard, but five years later, they were still dating, and Scott was ready to commit to forever. He took her back to that same spot on Temple Square and told Kenzie that he was going to take her to the temple. 

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