It’s a Miracle…

by | Feb. 22, 2010

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Miracle Max: Have fun storming the castle!

Valerie: Do you think it will work?

Miracle Max: It would take a miracle…

As a scientist, I’m automatically skeptical of anything with the word “miracle” in it: miracle cure, miracle weight loss, miracle hair restoration, etc. Usually if something claims to be a “miracle” there is some catch – it only works for a few people, under certain circumstances, and not in every case. I would guess that there are very few of us who have seen the kinds of miracles we read about in the bible – it seems like things like that just don’t happen anymore.

Yet, as my skeptical scientific brain has pondered over my life, I can see several instances of miracles, where the highly improbable has come to pass against the greatest of odds. It is these kinds of miracles that show me that there actually is a God, that He hears my prayers, and that He actually answers them.

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