It's time for Americans to put Mitt Romney's religion aside

Mainstream Mormonism is no cult, and Mitt Romney is more fit to be president for his work in the church.

Growing up in New York, my family and best friend, John, visited the Mormon Pavilion at the World's Fair in 1965. My mother and John filled out a card to learn more, and before long, missionaries - classically attired in white shirt and tie - arrived at our door steps. My mother and I did not have much interest, but John soon began a journey completed by becoming a Mormon at the age of 17.

Impressed by his sincere faith, I made it my business, while attending a secular college, to learn about Mormonism - not from a missionary looking to score a convert - but through courses about religion in society and research papers.

Mormonism is not something I could accept as a faith - you will never get the Catholic out of me, even if I attend an Episcopal Church in Georgetown.

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