It's time for adults to grow up -- even if they're not married

I don't know that we'll ever know for sure how the past compares with the present; most of what we remember and hear, after all, tends to have either a rose-colored glow or a hyperbolic sense of impending doom.

Sepia-toned streets and uphill-both-ways treks to one-room schoolhouses aside, however, there does seem to be a general sense that things like common courtesy and rules of etiquette were far more prevalent than they are now.

I was sort of tangentially discussing this idea with a friend the other day after going on a min-rant about something or other (knowing me, it probably had to do with party-attending behavior) when she mentioned a related post she'd recently read over on Tomato Nation.

The piece, which actually was written a few years ago, doesn't get at the whys of our modern sense of etiquette, it's simply a forthright treatise on the kinds of behaviors its author maintains should be required of anyone who's been a legal adult long enough to know better – things like sending thank-you notes, being on time and knowing how to walk in heels.

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