10 Items to Help You Focus on Christ This Easter

by | Apr. 06, 2020


While candy and rabbits and eggs are a fun part of Easter, many of us are looking for ways to bring Christ back to the focus of our family's Easter celebrations. Here are 10 of our favorite resources to help you do just that.

Christ-Centered Easter Creche

Items to Help You Focus on Christ This EasterA companion scene to the best-selling book Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter, this wooden Easter set depicts the people who were a part of the New Testament Easter story.

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Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter

Items to Help You Focus on Christ This Easter Discover how the personal experiences of people who were closest to the Savior during the final week of His life can change the way your family celebrates Easter. Learn the meaning behind the wheat baskets, the forget knot, the red egg, and other traditions that will help Easter become a "High, Holy day" in your heart and in your home.

Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter offers hope for an Easter filled with the Spirit of Christ as we offer our finest to Him in deepest gratitude for His sacrifice. Return to the spiritual roots of this holy celebration with this beautiful gift book that will help bring you and your family closer to Jesus Christ.

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Because of the Christ on Calvary

Items to Help You Focus on Christ This EasterOur covenant relationship with Christ allows for a fullness of hope! That is what Easter is all about. In a world that is increasingly apathetic about God and religion, Easter matters more than ever. 

Enhance your celebration of Easter by learning from witnesses on two continents and across multiple dispensations. Unite your faith with disciples worldwide and rejoice in the goodness and grace of the King on the cross, the Christ on Calvary.

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Atonement Matted Print

Items to Help You Focus on Christ This EasterAtonement represents that powerful and loving event when the Lord took on all obstacles in our path. Through her art, Kate Lee shares not only her love for the Savior but His love for us all.

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Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter (Children's Edition)

Items to Help You Focus on Christ This EasterThis interactive book invites children to get to know various people in Christ's life during those sacred days and to discover the lessons they learned in the encounters with Him. It encourages children to ask what they might have done if they had been there on the days when Jesus was crucified and resurrected. Seven colorful Easter ornaments have been created to accompany the lesson each person teaches. Displaying the ornaments throughout the Easter holiday will remind your children of the lessons they are learning from Christ's magnificent act.

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This Is Jesus

Items to Help You Focus on Christ This EasterThe life of the Savior is portrayed in stunning fine art pieces by award-winning artist J. Kirk Richards. These striking new images were created by the artist exclusively for this book. Accompanied by a harmonized account of the Savior's ministry, Atonement, and Resurrection, these exquisite paintings reflect a deep reverence for Christ's mission and sacrifice. Each page is beautifully designed to complement the unique style of the artist. A perfect reminder of the true reason we celebrate the Easter season, this handsome volume will be treasured by the entire family for years to come.

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The Holy Week for Latter-day Saint Families

Items to Help You Focus on Christ This Easter

Has your family ever celebrated the triumphal entry of Christ on Palm Sunday? Or learned about Passover and its connection to the Last Supper? Whether you want to create brand-new traditions or add to old favorites, The Holy Week for Latter-day Saint Families has something for everyone to more fully commemorate the last week of the Savior's mortal life.

This day-by-day guide will help you and your family celebrate the week leading up to Easter. Each day you'll find something for children of all ages.

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My First Story of the First Easter

Items to Help You Focus on Christ This Easter Here is a wonderful way to introduce your little ones to the real meaning of Easter. Beautifully illustrated and written in easy-to-understand, "read-aloud" language, this delightful book recounts important stories such as The Last Supper, The Garden of Gethsemane, Judas, Herod and Pilate, The Burial, and The Resurrection (including Christ's appearance to the Nephites in ancient America). This book is an ideal, hands-on way for young children to understand why Easter is so special.

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Oh My Savior

Items to Help You Focus on Christ This EasterWhen all seems lost, broken, abandoned, and forgotten remember our Savior who lived, loved, and died for us all. He lived so we could find peace in the storms.
—Kate Lee

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I Am a Child of God

Items to Help You Focus on Christ This Easter Loved by millions the world over, the art of Greg Olsen evokes emotion, wonder, and peace. In the pages of this touching book, art and inspiring words combine to tell the simple but true message—we are all children of God.

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