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This month’s message, “Renewing Covenants through the Sacrament,” is centered on our Savior, Jesus Christ. We make & keep sacred covenants and promise to always remember Him. We can remember Jesus by not only thinking of him, but by being like Him. As children we are taught to think of Jesus during the sacrament, I still think of Him but now I find myself thinking about how to keep our son quiet, and possibly end up making more noise in the process. We purchased a board book for our son which has images of Jesus Christ, the images are amazing. I find myself looking through it during Sacrament meeting and even throughout the week and this has helped me to focus more on Jesus, His life, example and what he’s done for me and my family. We all love our “Jesus book.” After reading several articles and trying to figure out what would help me and possibly other sisters remember Christ more during the Sacrament, I figured nothing would help more than to look at images of our Savior.
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