Jesus Christ will return to the earth someday. LDS Primary Sharing Time Reader's Theater

Tips for a successful reader's theater experience:

1. PRAY. PRAY every single day and ask for the Holy Ghost to be present.

2. Know your readers. A good rule of thumb is most children under 7 aren't fluent readers. Choose who you give certain parts to carefully!!! Readers come to the front of the Primary to read and simply act out the script.

3. ADAPT FOR JR. PRIMARY!!!! I would give little strips of paper to each child of what I wanted them to read. I would have a script for myself of course and be the narrator/director. I would have all characters sit in their chairs except for the one's needed at the moment and then switch out.

4. Make it a fun and positive experience. Don't go overboard and keep things simple, especially costumes!!! Use your manners and thank children for their help.

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