Jimmer Fredette's stock rising with every workout

by | Jun. 13, 2011

Saints & Sports

It was quite the unusual experience, to say the least.

Back on May 12 — a day I can't forget because it's my wife's birthday — I took her mother to a dermatologist in Provo. That's not so unusual because my 89-year-old mother-in-law lives in an apartment attached to my house in Orem and I often shuttle her to some of her appointments.

This particular skin doctor, whose name I won't mention, is recognized not only for his professional work, but his outdoor photography, which is prevalent throughout his waiting and examining rooms. To break the ice, I complimented him on his work and that opened the door to a discussion about my profession and sports because I have dabbled in photojournalism.

While he examined my mother-in-law, froze a few items on her face and dug out a piece of skin on her elbow for a biopsy, he asked where I thought Jimmer Fredette would be taken in the NBA Draft.

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