Jimmy Stewart made me cry — twice!

If you don’t like hearing about men crying while watching sappy Christmas movies, this post is not for you. But if you appreciate that movies, even sappy ones, can make you cry even if you have seen them 10 times, this post may be for you.

On Sunday morning I sat with my two youngest sons and watched “Mr Krueger’s Christmas.” I expected them to be bored — anything that is not animated usually turns them off — but they were not. They were actually riveted as Mr. Krueger gave his thanks to the baby Jesus, while their dad sat holding them, tears streaming down his cheeks.

It seems to me a scene of ultimate humility, getting on your knees with clasped hands to thank a young baby repeatedly, as Mr. Krueger does. That this act is carried out by the mentally challenged and sometimes creepy-looking Mr. Krueger is even more touching, a reminder that even “the least of these” is a giant in God’s eyes. I also love the fact that the movie concentrates on things all Christians can appreciate, the central roll of Christ in saving and uplifting us all.

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