6 Ways to Love Church, Even When It Seems Boring

The following article is excerpted from John Bytheway's "The Best Three Hours of the Week" available at deseretbook.com.

Last year at Especially for Youth, I asked the youth in one of my classes what would have to change so that they could get more from their Sunday meetings. Hands went up. The first young man I called on said, "It's too early."

"Oh, really, what time do your meetings start?"

"Eleven," he said as the class snickered. I wrote, "too early" on the board as I mumbled to myself, "That's impressive."

"What else?" I asked.

"Boring speakers," was the second response. I kind of expected that one, I thought as I wrote on the board.

"There's too many noisy kids during the meeting," someone else said, so I wrote "bawling babies" on the board.

"Okay," I continued, "What else could we change?"

"Our teacher thinks he's funny, and he's not." I wrote, "teacher not funny" on the board and wondered why this wasn't going the way I planned. Finally, a young woman changed everything when she said, "Maybe we could change our attitude."

"Yeah!" I said as I glared at the class and wrote "attitude" on the board without looking. "Perhaps we could change our attitude!"

You see, for years, I've been noticing something every Sunday which makes me feel a little frustrated and uncomfortable. You know what it is? I'll tell you: Bored [people] at church. There's no reason for it. The gospel is the single most exciting thing on this earth, and we ought to be the most interested and energetic people in the world because we have it.

Would you like to get more out of your church meetings? . . .

Well, good, because we're going to look at six things you can do to get more from the best three hours of the week.

John Bytheway: How to Love Church, Even When It Seems Boring

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