Join Us in Coming Closer to Christ This Easter With This 7-Day Advent

by | Apr. 11, 2019

Generally, what we get out of something is dependent on what we put in. That principle can apply to our experience with Easter. We want to help you and your family make Easter more than just a day, but an opportunity to strengthen your testimony and come closer to Christ.

If you've taken a look at this week's Come, Follow Me lesson, you'll know that it gives two different ideas for preparing for Easter. The first way to is look at the events of each day leading up to Easter—which we'll be focusing on over at @brightly.beams on Instagram—and the second way is to look at that first Easter week through the eyewitnesses to the events—which we'll be focusing on with a new video series.

LDS Living has partnered with Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler of Don't Miss This for a weeklong Easter celebration. Starting Monday, April 15th, we'll release a new "5-Minute Fireside" video each day leading up to Easter. Each video will focus on a different eyewitness to the last week of Christ's mortal life and will present an invitation for your family or a tradition to begin. These simple experiences are not meant to add chores or stress to a reverent holiday season but to offer something different. They will give your family an opportunity to slow down from the candy and egg hunts and instead spend time reflecting on the Savior's ultimate sacrifice and triumphant Resurrection.

In addition, Saturday, April 20, at 11 a.m. MST Emily Freeman will be joining the LDS Living team in the Deseret Book store in City Creek, Salt Lake City, Utah, for a Facebook live and Q&A. There, she will provide more insights into how we can make coming unto Christ a daily part of our lives.

If you want to start the traditions David and Emily suggest in each video, here are the supplies you'll need:

• Monday: Tree branch and vase
• Tuesday: A roll of jute
• Wednesday: Eggs for dying and yellow onion skins
• Thursday: Plastic Easter eggs
• Friday: Paper
• Saturday: A bouquet of lilies
• Sunday: 12 Rhodes Rolls, 12 marshmallows, sugar, cinnamon, butter

We'll link to the videos below as they are released so they're easy for you to find throughout the week.

Day 1: The People of Jerusalem

Day 2: Simon

Day 3: Joseph and Nicodemus

Day 4: Mary Magdalene

Day 5: Emmaus

Day 6: Thomas

Day 7: Easter Morning

Image titleDavid Butler and Emily Belle Freeman love Easter so much that they wrote a book about it. In this childrens' book, Dave and Emily detail the personal experiences of the people who were closest to the Savior and help you discover how to come closer to Christ this Easter season.

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