Joseph Smith's Struggles with Faith Offer Hope for When a Loved One Has Doubts

by | Apr. 18, 2015

Makes You Think


In researching my new biography of Joseph Smith, I found that those who struggle with their faith need to be patient and not feel guilty that their faith is not strong yet like others. 

Those who knew and loved the Prophet witnessed several times when he struggled with his own faith:

Example 1

At one point in his youth, he even doubted there was a god, according to his friend Oliver Cowdery. Yet, after those doubts, Joseph would grow in faith, believe the Bible, and put it to the test and pray. The result was the First Vision when he saw God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ, conversed with angels, and received the Book of Mormon to translate with Oliver as scribe.

If the Prophet of the Restoration could start at ground zero in the faith department, maybe our loved ones can, too. They might just come around. 

Example 2

Before the First Vision, Joseph wanted to experience religion like “his mother, his sister, and his brother hard,” according to an acquaintance, Alexander Neibaur, “but could feel nothing.” The incident was uncovered during my research. 

In time, look what he became.

Bottom line: Don't give up on loved ones; they might surprise us. Joseph no doubt surprised a few of his friends and family along the way, too.

Eventually the answers came for him, and look what he became: a prophet! But in his early years he struggled, not having a lot of faith. If a person of little faith becomes the powerful prophet he would become, so can we grow in our faith--anyone can.

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