July 2010 LDS Primary Helps and Ideas: Week 1 Reader's Theater Jesus Christ always obeyed Heavenly Father.

Shining Stars of Obedience
by Sofia Lykes

Speaking Parts
Camper #1 Camper #2 Camper #3

Angel #1 Angel #2

Mary John the Baptist

Leper Centurian Man of the Company Blind Man

Elder Whitney

Possible Non Speaking Parts
A couple children can be bushes by the campers
A couple children can be non-speaking angels
A couple children can hold up stars above their heads and be stars

!!!!Simple!!!!! Costumes Sticks with marshmallows Scriptures

Camper #1: Please toss me another marshmallow! Yummy! I'm so excited to be camping.

Camper #2: Me too! This summer weather is perfect and my s'more is almost done!

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