July 2010 Sharing Time: Following Jesus

by | Jun. 15, 2010

Lesson Helps

Preparation: Gather the following Gospel Art Kit pictures:
  • 242-Jesus and His Mother
  • 206-Childhood of Jesus Christ
  • 205-Boy Jesus in the Temple
  • 216-Christ and the Children
  • 208-John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus
  • 226-Jesus Washing the Apostles' Feet
  • 212-Sermon on the Mount
  • 214-Stilling the Storm
  • 225-The Last Supper
  • 227-Jesus Praying in Gethsemane
Familiarize yourself with the information on the back of the pictures. Post the pictures at the front of the room before the children arrive.

Presentation: Ask the children to look carefully at the pictures posted on the board.

Tell the children that you are now going to play a game. Choose one child to leave the room and another child to remove one picture from the board. Place the picture that was removed inside a folder or large envelope and rearrange the others on the board. Invite the child who left the room to return and identify which picture is missing.

After the child has determined which picture is missing, hold it up for everyone to see. Briefly review what is happening in the picture and ask the children what we can do to follow Jesus' example. Accept their responses, as you help guide them to understand the principle being taught. After the discussion replace the picture on the board and repeat with other pictures (make sure the children only pick each picture once). Occasionally you may want to sing a song to help reinforce the concept being taught.

Suggested things we can learn from each picture:

  • 242. Treat our mothers with love and respect.
  • 206. Learn new skills. Treat our fathers with love and respect.
  • 205. Be willing to learn from and teach others.
  • 216. Remember that everyone is important and worthy of our love.
  • 208. Be baptized.
  • 226. Be willing to serve others, even when it requires humility on our part.
  • 223. Teach others about the gospel.
  • 214. Exercise faith in difficult situations.
  • 225. Remember Jesus as we partake of the sacrament.
  • 227. Pray to our Heavenly Father. Do the will of Heavenly Father.
Possible songs could include, "I'm Trying to Be like Jesus" (Children's Songbook, 78), "Jesus Once Was a Little Child" (CS, 55), "Jesus Said Love Everyone" (CS, 61), "He Sent His Son" (CS, 34), and "Baptism" (CS, 100).

Express your testimony and love of the Savior and reemphasize the importance of following his example.

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