July Sharing Time: I Love to See the Temple

by | Jun. 24, 2011

Lesson Helps

This sharing time will engage the children in an activity that helps them learn more about temples.
Preparation: Print pictures of the temples listed below from lds.org/church/temples/gallery. Mount the pictures on cardboard or stiff paper. On the back of the picture print the interesting fact about that temple and the information about temples. Cut the pictures into 6 to 10 puzzle pieces. Put the pieces into an envelope.
1. Salt Lake Temple: Although the ground was broken to build this temple in February 1853, it was not completed until April 1893—40 years later.
Children can prepare to go to the temple by living the standards of the Church, paying tithing, being honest, and learning more about the Church to increase their testimonies.
2. Nauvoo Illinois Temple: This temple was destroyed in 1848 after the early members of the Church were forced to leave Nauvoo. It was rebuilt and rededicated in 2002.
In the temple people wear white clothing to symbolize purity. Inside the temple is beautiful and peaceful. It is a place where we can feel the Spirit and receive personal revelation.
3. Laie Hawaii Temple: Most of the temples have a tower or spire. This is one of the few that doesn’t.
When Jesus Christ was on the earth, the only temple was the Temple of Herod. Jesus often went there.
4. Cardston Alberta Canada Temple: This was the first latter-day temple to be built outside of the United States.
One of the ordinances preformed in the temple is the endowment. Endowment means “gift.” It teaches us more about Heavenly Father’s plan.
5. Hong Kong China Temple: This temple is located on the top three floors of a building that includes a mission office and a meetinghouse on its lower three floors.
One of the ordinances in the temple is sealing. This means that husbands and wives are married for eternity and their children are also sealed to them forever.
6. Oakland California Temple: The upper exterior of this temple includes a sculpted depiction of Christ with his disciples.
Children can go to the temple when they are twelve years old to be baptized for the dead. This means they take the place of, and are baptized for, people who died without the opportunity to be baptized for themselves.
Presentation: Divide the children into groups. Give each group one of the envelopes. Instruct them to put together their temple picture. Have them tape it together, then turn it over and read the information on the back. Have them discuss the information, so they can teach it to the rest of the Primary.
Have each group take turns showing their picture. Let them explain which temple it is and share the information on the back.
Testify to the children that the temple is a house of God. Help them feel your love for these sacred buildings.
Sing songs that reinforce the concepts taught in this sharing time such as: "I Love to See the Temple," (Children’s Songbook, 95); "Families Can Be Together Forever," (CS, 188); "I Want to Give the Lord My Tenth" (CS, 150); and "The Lord Gave Me a Temple (CS, 153).
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