June 2015 Primary Sharing Time Helps and Ideas

Monthly Theme: The Holy Ghost Testifies of the Truth of All Things

Monthly Scripture: “By the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things” Moroni 10:5

Week 1 The Holy Ghost is the third member of the Godhead.

* Make a memory match game, but with a twist. Make it all over the room instead of having everything up front. Have some papers on the backs of chairs, some on the floor, some on the walls, one on the piano, one on Sister Lovely's church bag....

Some things that could go on your matches could be: 

- a picture of Jesus & Heavenly Father appearing to Joseph Smith, Who is the third member of the Godhead? What did Joseph Smith's first vision teach us about the Godhead?

- a picture of the angel Moroni, "By the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things" 

- a picture of a hand, What type of body does the Holy Ghost have? (Hint: D&C 130:22)

- a picture of Adam, How long has the Holy Ghost been on earth to help guide men? (Hint: 1 Nephi 19:10)

- a picture of a baptism, When does one receive the gift of the Holy Ghost?

(Remember, the power of the Holy Ghost anyone can experience, but the gift comes after baptism.)

- a picture of fire, "For those who receive this gift, the Holy Ghost acts as a cleansing agent to purify them and sanctify them from all sin. Thus it is often spoken of as “fire”." (From the Bible Dictionary)

- a picture from Jesus' mortal ministry, Was the Holy Ghost working among the Jews on earth when Jesus was on earth? This is a tricky one!

"For some reason not fully explained in the scriptures, the Holy Ghost did not operate in the fulness among the Jews during the years of Jesus’ mortal sojourn. Statements to the effect that the Holy Ghost did not come until after Jesus was resurrected must of necessity refer to that particular dispensation only, for it is abundantly clear that the Holy Ghost was operative in earlier dispensations.Furthermore, it has reference only to the gift of the Holy Ghost not being present, since the power of the Holy Ghost was operative during the ministries of John the Baptist and Jesus; otherwise no one would have received a testimony of the truths that these men   taught. " (Again Bible Dictionary)

- a picture of a brain, What does the Holy Ghost know? D&C 35:19 says, "All things."

- a picture of a number 5, What are some other names for the Holy Ghost?

Holy Spirit, Spirit of God, Spirit of the Lord, Comforter, and Spirit.

You can make the matches just pictures, or a picture and then the question..... just go with what the spirit tells you!

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