Just Beat It

by | Aug. 30, 2010


If you haven't learned about dehydrated or freeze dried eggs, then you are in for a surprise. As far as ease and versatility, they can't be beat! But, first of all, you must familiarize yourself with the different types of canned egg products.

Whole Eggs are just that - 100 percent whole eggs solids. These are perfect for baking and can be used in any recipe requiring eggs. You can still whip up your famous pancake mix, cake mix, or cookie dough recipe using whole dehydrated eggs. It's as simple as adding 2 tablespoons of dried eggs to equal 1 fresh egg. Then, when you add the wet ingredients, just add the equal amounts water to reconstitute. It's that easy!

Scrambled Egg Mix is a combination of three dehydrated ingredients: eggs, non-fat milk, and vegetable oil. You simply add water and scramble. Imagine adding some freeze-dried mushrooms, onions, and peppers to create a tasty and nutritious omelet. Bet you didn't imagine eating that in an emergency.

You can also purchase Dehydrated Egg Whites, which can be used just like regular egg whites once reconstituted. And yes, your favorite lemon meringue pie can be accomplished with dried egg products! I've got your wheels turning now, don't I?

Freeze-Dried Eggs have already been cooked, so they are simple as can be; you just add hot water, and voila! Could it get any easier than that? Don't hesitate to use these for family camping trips and maybe even those hectic weekday mornings.

You can keep making all those wonderful recipes that call for fresh eggs by simply substituting dried eggs products. With the array of products available, you are sure to find just the right eggs for your family's needs. So, consider opening up a can of freeze dried or dehydrated eggs - you'll find they are easy, versatile, tasty, and just plain hard to beat. (Or should I say, easy to beat?)

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