Just keep swimming

Yesterday was a good day. It started with a 3 mile run, which is always a plus. When I got back, my son was curled up in our bed next to his dad, and Little Sister was still asleep. I took the opportunity to suggest scripture study, and we had a nice quiet spiritual moment. I let DH sleep in a little more, and took my boy down for some chocolate chip pancakes. Dh joined us later, and Little Sister eventually came down, happy and rested, and delighted DH by running to him and jumping into his arms and throwing her arms around his neck. It was a moment when I thought, “Hey, this family is really working.”

Today was, um, a little different.

Today, DH got up to take HIS run, and Little Sister got up before J. She crawled in bed with me, and we had a fun little game of peekaboo for a while until DH got back. He got back just as J was getting up, and J came in the room and crawled in, trying to get between Little Sister and me. Little Sister squawked and said, “You swishin’ me!” (translation: You’re squishing me, you big stupid brother) and started to kick J.

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