KBYU's "Beehive Stories" chronicles life in Utah

by | Nov. 05, 2010

Arts & Entertainment

So what does it mean to belong to a place? Emmy Award–nominated filmmaker and BYU professor Brad Barber explores this intriguing question in the second season of his documentary series “Beehive Stories,” premiering Monday, Nov. 15, on KBYU Eleven and at kbyueleven.org/programs/beehivestories.

“Beehive Stories” explores Utah using five-minute mini-documentaries that feature glimpses into the lives of people in many of the remote corners of Utah. Traveling from county to county in the Beehive State, Barber, together with students from BYU’s Theatre and Media Arts Department, sets out to discover what makes a Utahn a Utahn.

Each episode of the documentary series features an individual and his or her day-to-day life in the county they call home. Also featured are Utah’s five stunning national parks. Viewers will journey from the mountains to the desert and discover how Utah’s diverse landscape affects the people who claim the land as their own.

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