Keeping College Costs in Check

by | Aug. 30, 2010

Dear Dave,

We live in Boston, and we've got three kids who are almost ready for college. My wife and I make about $114,000 a year combined, and that includes a $34,000 a year pension I receive. Should we use the pension money to pay for their tuition, or should we let them take out student loans?


Dear Geoff,

There's no way I'm going to send anyone into student loan debt, especially when the household income is in the six-figure range!

Now, that assumes the kids choose a college you can afford, but with your income you guys could handle tuition at most state colleges. And that means all the kiddos are going to have to pick a reasonably-priced school if they expect you to foot the bill. We've got to use a little common sense here.

You guys are doing okay, but you can't afford to send these kids to $30,000 a year schools. All this will be hitting you at about the same time, so I want you to cash flow this thing, and pay as you go along. College is great, but you need to invest your money into something that fits your budget!

- Dave

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