Knowing who you are changes everything

by | Jul. 14, 2010

What We Believe

If a Mormon's self-worth is based on the job, the bank account or the image in the mirror, it can quickly go down and away.

But if self-worth is based on knowing who you are in God's eyes, it's an eternal good feeling that can make all the difference in one's life.

So said nationally certified family life educator and life coach Cheryl Merrell at a recent multistake singles conference in Orem.

"When you know who you are, it changes everything," Merrell said. "As people go through life's transitions, they wonder, 'Who am I now?'"

Merrell said people get themselves color-coded, analyzed and charted trying to define themselves when the answer lies in the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"We'll always be insecure looking to the external for answers," Merrell told her audience. "We are spirit children of the most high God, here having a mortal experience. Do we comprehend what this means for us?"

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