Kyiv Ukraine Temple: Open-house visitors learn about the Mormon Church

A bus filled with Latter-day Saints from Odessa, Ukraine, pulled into the parking lot on the grounds of the Kyiv Ukraine Temple on Saturday afternoon, Aug. 21, the last day of the temple's open house.

The six-hour or so ride from Odessa to Kyiv seemed short, said some of the members who had been accustomed to traveling 18 hours to the Freiberg Germany Temple.

"It is impossible to say how I feel to have a temple so close," said Svetiana Anisiforva. "To be closer to the temple makes it seem more real. There is a feeling that the Lord has come closer, now that there is a House of the Lord in Ukraine."

Within an hour, Sister Anisiforva was standing at the doorway to the meetinghouse located on the grounds of the temple, welcoming visitors who had come to tour the temple. As a volunteer host, she smiled happily as she handed all who passed by her a brochure about the temple. Visitors watched video presentations about the temple prior to going on the tour. Afterward, member hosts met with visitors in small groups around tables in the cultural hall and answered questions.

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