"You're Gonna Die When You Hear It": Hilary Weeks Raves About LDS Artists' Hauntingly Beautiful Cover of "He Hears Me"

LDS Billboard-charting artist Hilary Weeks has created dozens of inspiring songs and chart-topping albums. But one of the most classic and most beloved is her song "He Hears Me."

Recently, the new LDS group City of Enoch performed a cover of this classic that Hilary Weeks shared and raved about on Facebook. 

"Twenty-four years ago, 'He Hears Me' was published on the 1993 EFY album. It was the first song I ever published and it launched my journey into music," Weeks says. "A brand, new group called City of Enoch is covering 'He Hears Me' on their first CD. You're gonna die when you hear it. I was chills from head to toe."

Listen to this song below, or check out more of City of Enoch's music here.

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For more inspiring and spine-chilling music from City of Enoch, check out their new CD, Sweet Redeemer. Check out their album at deseretbook.com or on iTunes.

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