LDS Best-Selling Author: What Happened After the Spirit Told Me to Pick Up Two Tattooed Hitchhikers

MR says: Here's proof that God works and teaches us in mysterious ways, even if that means through a pair of pierced and tattooed hitchhikers.

Last Sunday I attended church in Charles Town, West Virginia. It was a spiritually satisfying service and the spirit of truth was palpable from beginning to end.

Among other topics, the leaders and speakers discussed the need to love, support and minister to one another.

After all, every one of us is a child of God.

After a few parking-lot goodbyes with old friends, I left to attend a committee meeting at another congregation about 45 minutes away in Virginia. Just a few miles down the road, I spotted a man and woman beating the blistering heat in the shade of an overpass. According to the sign — and the side of the highway they’d chosen — they were heading southwest.

Even at the speed limit, I could tell the man had tattoos, piercings and that the woman was noticeably pregnant. I rolled by them in surprisingly heavy Sunday traffic, but their faces seemed to travel with me.

Lead image from Jason F. Wright.
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