LDS Business College devotional: Fighting the "plague" of pornography

All must join in the fight against the modern "plague" of pornography, Mark Willes told LDS Business College students during their weekly devotional Nov. 16.

"Either you or somebody you know has this problem," said Brother Willes, president and CEO of Deseret Management Corporation. "The Lord is counting on you to help stem the tide of this plague."

Brother Willes spoke of some findings in research regarding pornography and the negative effects it has on individuals. Much of this research was done for the mass media campaign "Out in the Light," a collaborative initiative between Deseret Media Companies — including Deseret News, Deseret Book, Deseret Digital, KSL TV and KSL Radio — to educate, direct and unite women impacted by their husband's pornography addiction.

"Why is pornography so dangerous?" Brother Willes asked. "Because it is highly addictive, and once you are addicted you can never get enough."

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