LDS Church collecting photos for use in magazines, websites

by | Jun. 11, 2010

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Using a popular photo sharing website, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently posted a request for people to submit photos the church can use in its magazines, websites and videos.

Photographers would retain the copyright to their images, according to the online announcement at, under the group name "Official LDS call for photos," but church officials are asking for a royalty-free, non-exclusive license to publish the images.

Each person who joins the Mormon church's photo-sharing group (about 25 have joined already) can submit up to six photos a day. Church affiliated volunteers photographers will then review and select images usable to the church, the post said.

Selected images will show up publically in the group's image gallery. As of June 11, 17 photos have been approved. The pool of images is also intended to be a resource for members of the church, who may find it useful to glean images for gospel-related activities. Currently, however, there are fewer than 20 images.

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