LDS Church denies involvement in Argentina’s gay marriage battle

Despite the LDS Church’s claim last week that it had not taken a stand on Argentina’s move to allow gay marriage, a high-ranking church official did join other religious leaders there to plan opposition to the bill.

Carlos Aguero, LDS public affairs director for Argentina and a former Area Authority Seventy, attended a July 7 meeting with leaders from several conservative Christian churches and traditional family organizations, according to a Buenos Aires newspaper.

Aguero did not respond to phone or e-mail queries Thursday, but LDS spokesman Scott Trotter said Aguero’s participation in the protest planning should not be seen as a church endorsement of the opposition.

“The [LDS] Church has made its support of traditional marriage clear but it does not involve itself institutionally in every same-sex election contest,” Trotter said. “The church took no official position on the marriage legislation in Argentina and did not organize its members to participate in opposing the legislation.”

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