LDS Church help for Haiti: a long-term effort

Latter-day Saint help and support in Haiti will be a long-term effort, said Dennis Lifferth, managing director of Church Welfare Services.

Speaking to the Church News two weeks after a Jan. 12 earthquake leveled much of the Caribbean island nation — and more than a week after Church medical teams arrived in the country to offer help — Brother Lifferth said the next steps for Church relief in the devastated country are being developed "at this very moment."

"The Area presidency is considering how to help rebuild, how to help the members with employment and how to provide additional medical support," he said, noting that the Church will also work with the United Nations and other relief organizations to formulate long-term recovery needs and rebuild schools, hospitals and infrastructure.

"This will not end in the next week or two," he added. "This will be a long-term effort."

That, he explained, is one of the benefits of the Church's involvement. "They tend to take a long-term view," he said.

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