LDS Church is an expert in New Media

I recently posted on how Catholics are losing the Search Engine Wars. One of the groups we are losing to is the Mormons. I find it fascinating how much active marketing/branding/PR the Mormon church does online.

Whatever they lack in theology/history/etc. they seem to do well making up for it in other ways. And that’s probably why they continue to be one of the fastest growing religions. Maybe we Catholics can learn something from that. I’m not saying we need to start going door to door or that we should mimic what they are doing here. But Mormon’s are doing an impressive job using New Media to reach people and connect with individuals in a way that…works for them.

They recently launched a big ad campaign that, if you’re online much, you’ve probably seen.  Personally I’ve come across these ads in Google searches, on Facebook and on many other popular websites. The campaign is very simple and features a lot of normal, everyday Mormons just being themselves. “Hi, I’m Joy. I grew up in Hawaii. I believe that a little salt water cures almost anything and I’m a Mormon.” They include video testimonials and some thoughts regarding their faith.
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