LDS Church officials explain student ward disbandment

by | Apr. 17, 2011

Official Church Info

Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are making some organizational changes in an effort to better care for young single members of the Church.

In some areas of the world, particularly in the western United States, there are specific congregations, or wards, for single Mormons ages 18 to 30. Until now, some of these were student wards connected to a university, while other wards for the same age-group covered a specific geographic area, giving each young adult multiple options for attending worship services.

Now, the Church’s First Presidency has simplified things by organizing all wards for young single adults by location. These wards will not distinguish between students and nonstudents but will be open to all singles age 18 to 30 in a specific geographic area. If desired, young adults can also choose to attend conventional wards.

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