LDS Church protests Las Vegas pipeline plan

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is among hundreds who filed protests with the state of Nevada over a proposal to pump and pipe groundwater from the Snake Valley and surrounding areas to Las Vegas.

The Great Basin Water Network, an advocacy group that has opposed the plan to take water from under the Utah-Nevada state line near Great Basin National Park, conducted a computer analysis of protests filed with the Nevada state engineer and released the results Tuesday. The church protests cover wells proposed for Spring Valley, where it operates the Cleveland and Rogers ranches and three associated grazing permits.

"In January 2010, the church protested four proposed well locations out of Church of Jesus Christ pdf Water: LDS State engineer pdf concern that those specific wells could negatively impact water rights used in ranch operations," church spokesman Scott Trotter said in a written statement.

The protest, filed by the Bruce R. Scott, says the church's water rights are "critical to the overall operation of this livestock program."

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