LDS Couple Denied by Christian Foster Agency Because of Their Faith

by | Jun. 25, 2018

Mormon Life

LDS couple Rick and Sandi Pond say a Christian foster agency rejected their application because of their LDS faith. "We pray. We read the scriptures. We love our neighbors," Sandi told Fox 13. "Do they really think there is something awful that's going to happen to these kids because we're Mormon? That really bothers me."

A Utah family says they were rejected as foster parents because of their religion.

“Because we’re Mormon, because we’re LDS Faith, they can’t be here with us,” said Sandi Pond of Payson.

The Christian center they were working with said the Mormon family does not fit their definition of Christian. The Pond family was ready to open their home this summer to foster two orphan siblings from Ukraine, children they hoped to eventually adopt.

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