LDS Dancer Crippled in Bounce House Accident, Visited by Elder Oaks Recovering at "Warp Speed"

by | Oct. 07, 2015

Mormon Life

MR says: The accident was catastrophic and took a Tooele family by surprise. But more surprising has been Josh Hinton's recovery and those who have come out to support him. Find out more about Elder Oaks' incredible visit with Josh Hinton here.

Josh Hinton is recovering at "warp speed."

Hinton and his Tooele family say miracles continue to happen since his Aug. 29 accident when he hit his head on an inflatable post while running through a bounce house during BYU freshman orientation. He broke his neck and couldn't breathe or feel anything.

As he wheeled himself down the hallway of the Craig Hospital in Denver this week, his mother counted her blessings.

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