LDS Family Picks Nanny from 24,244 Applicates for Globe-Trotting Adventure

by | Mar. 14, 2017

Mormon Life

When the Tillotson's decided to leave their home behind to travel the world, they knew they would need a nanny to help them with their small children, but they didn't know the job would receive more than 24,000 applicants. However, after looking through the applicants, they managed to narrow the list down to just one. 

A Riverton family looking for a nanny to travel the world with them made their pick after receiving 24,244 applications.

Derek and M'Kenzie Tillotson requested a globe-trotting nanny on social media and the post went viral.

Eventually, the family had to cut-off the applications but still allowed people to keep applying and told them they’d be on a wait list.

It wasn't easy, but the Tillotsons managed to narrow down the list to 50.

"Our family at one point just said hire a couple of them," said M’Kenzie Tillotson.

However, Derek Tillotson decided to look at the wait list, which was up to 7,000.

"I was so nervous that we missed somebody," said Derek Tillotson.

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