LDS Family Premieres on Their Own Reality Show, "Old Home Love"

MR says: One LDS family of seven has the incredible knack of turning old homes into new masterpieces, a knack that has landed them their own reality TV show set to premiere this week! 

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They have seven children and a television show, but this Utah Valley couple and their family is nothing like “19 Kids and Counting.”

Andy and Candis Meredith will have their lives broadcasted for the world to see on their new show “Old Home Love” on the DIY Network.

The show premieres Wednesday, Oct. 7 and brings to life their love of old homes and renovation.

The American Fork couple, along with their seven children, renovate rundown homes. This passion began with Candis’ love for old homes and the desire to bring them back to life. When Candis was younger, her grandmother had a historic farmhouse and Candis said she loved the nostalgia that home gave her.

Her grandmother ended up selling the house, but Candis knew she would buy it back one day. When she was 21, she bought and restored the home, making it her first official Old Home Love project.

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