LDS Family Sells Everything to Visit Every State in the U.S. on an "Empathy Expedition"

In the spirit of roadtrips and camaraderie, the Kjar (pronounced “care”) family is hitting the road for a full year and sharing their adventures on YouTube.

The family sold everything, bought an RV, and plan to visit all 50 States in the U.S. in 52 weeks. The family consists of parents, Matt and Lindsay, and kids A.J., Ace, Millie, and Roy.

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But they won’t just be tourists; the Kjar family calls this trip an “Empathy Expedition.”

The couple aims to “discover what makes us united.” In each of the states, the family will meet a kid guide who will show them around their town. “Empathy is a great teacher, and we want our kids to learn,” the couple says.

On their YouTube channel, the family writes, "Our goal is to spend a day in each state, shadowing a child who is close to our same age. Join us as we explore America this year, finding out how much we have in common, and how much we have to learn here at 50 by 52."

The adventurous family has already been to many states in the northern mid-western States and are driving towards the East Coast now.

Check out one of their videos below or on YouTube.

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