LDS Family Starts Cambodia's Only Dairy Farm

“We have developed a love for the Cambodian people and it brings us happiness to help them with a healthy food product,” Bill Matthews said.

Since the brutal reign of the Khmer Rouge in the late 1970s, there have been no dairy farms in Cambodia.

Several large Western companies have tried to start dairy operations in the country, but all have failed. So most dairy products are imported from Thailand, Vietnam or Japan, and instead of fresh milk, Cambodians drink the powdered variety.

But an Alpine family is on a mission to bring fresh milk to Cambodia and make some new friends in the process. This is the story of Moo Moo Farms.

Bill and Jamie Matthews originally moved their family to southeast Asia several years ago when Bill Matthews was given an FBI assignment at the embassy in Bangkok. His son, Kenny, graduated from high school in Thailand and then served an LDS mission in Cambodia.

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